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Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast

Affordable Luxury Accommodation near Wilsons Prom



Spring is definitely in the air!

Posted on 8 September, 2017 at 22:55

How lucky are we!  

Guests often say that looking out of the windows at Llarrinda is better than watching TV.   And we couldn't agree more because, with every minute of every day, our panoramic view changes.  Being high on a ridge overlooking farmland, to the waters of Corner Inlet and the northern mountains of Wilsons Prom National Park beyond, we can see the weather come and go and have a bird's eye view of all the passing wildlife.  None pleases us more than the multitude of birds that come to feed on our deck.

We never saw Little Corella's here in the early days - they were always flying in large and noisy flocks over the low lands looking for food.  Little Corellas usually feed on the ground, but occasionally in trees and shrubs. They eat a variety of wild and cultivated seeds and regularly feed on lawn grasses in urban areas, and on crops such as wheat, barley and corn, so it's no wonder that many people struggle to love them.

A few years ago a lone couple of Little Corellas discovered our bird feeders and came back every winter and stayed for a few months.  Then there were two couples, and now three couples - six Little Corellas in all - which are reliably here on our deck almost every day for breakfast, lunch or dinner, feeding on the wild bird seed mix we put in our feeders.

This year though has brought something special.  They have chosen Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast as a place to mate, nest, and raise next season's young. 

We admit to feeling slightly awkward about watching and photographing this tender and loving act but at the same time are enthralled to be able to witness nature at such close range.

We have read that Little Corellas can live up to 80 years (although I suspect that's in captivity), and that they mate for life.  You can see in the way they relate to each other that there is genuine affection.  We love their cheeky personalities, the way they waddle and the way they show off by hanging upside-down with their feet or beaks.  And, if you listen closely you can hear them having deep and meaningful conversations, using an impressive range of vocabulary.


They are not blessed with the most melodic voices, but they make up for it in sheer personality and incredible beauty.  This Bed & Breakfast accommodation near Wilsons Prom is truly a nature lover's paradise. 

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