Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast

Affordable Luxury Accommodation near Wilsons Prom

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Llarrinda: Bed and Breakfast near Wilsons Prom

Our Bed and Breakfast near Wilsons Prom enjoys magnificent views and wildlife and we are delighted to share them with you.

  • Galahs with Prom View
    Breakfast time for the Galahs
  • Corner Inlet Twin room
    Pull-out desk in the Twin room
  • Corner Inlet Twin room
  • The Panorama Suite
    Our Panorama Suite provides deluxe accommodation for two, with ensuite bathroom and private access.
  • Panorama Suite bathroom
    Ensuite bathroom in the Panorama Suite
  • Prom Views Queen room
    The deluxe Queen room provides quality accommodation for discerning travellers.
  • Llarrinda Bed & Breakfasgt
    Llarrinda B&B
  • Booking.com guest reviews award
    Who would have thought? We are humbled and very happy to have been ranked by our guests in the top 12 accommodation providers in Australia in 2016. Amazing.
  • A 'welcome to Llarrinda' treat
    Welcome port and nibbles for our guests
  • The Aurora Australia from our deck
    View the Southern Lights/Aurora Australis from our deck
  • Basking in the sun
  • Guest wing bathroom
    The main bathroom in the 'guest wing' provides all the comforts of home, plus underfloor heating.
  • Across the rooftop to the Prom
    Views to Wilsons Prom
  • Llarrinda's kitchen
  • Yellow tailed back cockatoo
  • A healthy breakfast
  • Llarrinda's 'Miss Nellie'
  • Front garden in flower
  • Guest wing bathroom
  • The sound of running water
  • Our friendly echidna
  • New Holland Honeyeater
  • A very active Koala
  • Many little frogs live here
  • Relax in the sunshine
    Sun or shade, there are plenty of seating options in our garden
  • Luxury: spa with view
    Luxurious outdoor spa with views to Wilsons Prom
  • A Sacred Kingfisher
  • Australian Ravens are daily visitors
  • 66 species of bird live here
  • Guests are welcome to relax
  • Nellie surveying the fish pond
  • Our deck - a perfect place to unwind
  • Garden art: 'Meshmate tree'
  • Eastern Spinebill
  • Galah, or Rose Breasted Cockatoo
  • So many wombats live here
  • Made in China? No, it's real.
  • Little Wattle Bird
  • Butcher Bird enjoying an orange
  • Corellas preening
  • View through the kitchen window
  • Dining room, where breakfast is served
  • Juvenile Wattlebird
  • Visiting Copperhead snake
  • Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
  • Fabulous autumn fungi
  • Friendly Yellow Breasted Robin
  • Outrageously coloured Rainbow Lorrikeets
  • Our resident Swamp Wallaby
  • Norman Bay, Wilsons Prom
  • Wilsons Prom coastal view
  • Preening Little Corellas
  • Lewins Honeyeaters love fruit
  • Lunchtime for this Grey Shrike Thrust
  • One apple, so many birds
  • One apple, so many birds
  • Shining Bronze Cuckoo
  • Wilsons Prom National Par
  • One apple, so many birds
  • Laughing Kookaburra
  • White Faced Heron looking for lunch
  • Our resident Echidna
  • Male Superb Wren in mating plumage
  • View from the front door
  • Koalas visit our garden occasionally
  • A very active Koala
  • Dozens of Crimson Rosellas live here
  • Chiminea is great of a cool evening
  • Sleeping koala in our garden
  • Get to know our friendly sheep
  • Llarrinda's front garden
  • View from Mount Bishop, Wilsons Prom
  • Wedge Tailed Eagles cruise the ridge
  • Norman Bay, Wilsons Prom
  • Black Shouldered Kite
  • Welcome to Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast, near Wilsons Prom
  • Female King Parrot
  • Little Silvereyes love apples
  • Look out for the red post box
  • Butcherbird with orange
  • Kookaburras live in the gully
  • A Koala toy?  No!  He's real.
  • Relax on the deck
  • White headed pigeon
  • Tidal River, Wilsons Prom
  • A seat in the sun
  • A view from our garden
  • All birds love apples
  • We always have room for a visiting Koala
  • So many wombats live here
  • Airbnb Superhost Award
  • Photo opportunity for this Honeymoon coupld
    Honeymoon guests
  • Airbnb Super Host Award
    We're privileged to have been awarded Airbnb 'Super Host' status for having achieved 100% 5 star ratings from guests for twelve consecutive months.
  • Foggy morning near Wilsons Prom
    Foggy morning
  • Galahs enjoying the view
  • Panorama Suite's panoramic view
  • TripAdvisor's Green Leaders Award 2016
  • Staying warm by the Chiminea
    Toasty warm by the chiminea
  • Spring is in the air for these Galahs
    Next generation of Galahs in the making
  • Galahs enjoying the Prom Views
    Galahs with view to Wilsons Prom
  • Orange marmalade coming up!
    Our marmalade tree
  • Birds eye view of Llarrinda: affordable luxury accommodation
    Bird's eye view of Llarrinda
  • Meet our dogs, Nelson and Mandella
    Good dogs!
  • Corner Inlet Twin room
  • TripAdvisor's 2016 Green Leaders Award
  • Fresh oranges make the best marmalade
  • Autumn sunrise over Wilsons Prom
  • Lamb Lodge - luxury accommodation for our sheep!
  • Welcome to our Guest Wing
  • Meet Lorenzo and Marbles
  • A glorious Wilsons Prom sunrise
  • Sun setting over Wilsons Prom
  • A Wilsons Prom kangaroo
  • Autumn garden at Llarrinda
  • Breakfast is served
    Breakfast is served.
  • Affordable luxury accommodation near Wilsons Prom
    Bird's eye view of Llarrinda
  • Marbles and Lorenzon
    Meet our friendly sheep.
  • Summertime at Llarrinda
    Summer garden
  • Our Summer garden
    Summer garden
  • Our Summer garden 2
    Summer colour
  • Our resident Swamp Wallaby
    Our resident Wallaby.
  • Beautiful sunset over the Prom
    Autumn sunset over the Prom
  • Spring is in the air for these Little Corellas!
    Spring is in the air for these Little Corellas!
Galahs with Prom View
Breakfast time for the Galahs